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We Install Vinyl Decks in Central Alberta, Red Deer, and Surrounding Areas

Adding a balcony or deck to your home, office, or shop can add curb appeal and provide you with a comfortable space to entertain guests and clients in the warmer months. While there are many materials decks can be made of, such as composite or natural wood, vinyl is one of the best materials to use. Providing quality products from DecTec®, RT Weatherproofing & Decking Inc. delivers proven solutions for balconies and decks in Red Deer. Water intrusion problems are a thing of the past when you call the experts at RT Weatherproofing & Decking Inc. in Red Deer. We offer expert services and free estimates to homeowners and business owners who need vinyl decking.


Benefits of Vinyl Decking

Choosing the right deck for your home or office is important. You want a durable product that can withstand the weather and provide the right amount of curb appeal to your place. Composite, wood and vinyl are the three main materials used for decks. Red Deer residents and business owners should choose a durable and low-maintenance material – and that means choosing vinyl.

Vinyl decks have many benefits over the other types of decks, including:

  • Durability – no splintering, warping or cracking from this material
  • Low maintenance – no regular staining or sealing required
  • Weather resistance – no wood rot or sagging from water
  • Low cost –lower upfront cost than wood and lower maintenance costs over time 
  • Range of styles –can be made to look like real wood, to be one colour or to imitate materials like granite



Vinyl decks in Red Deer are an excellent option when compared to materials like wood and composite because of their durability, low maintenance requirements and other benefits. This means you can have more time enjoying your deck instead of spending so much time maintaining it. Plus, you can get a deck that matches the exterior of your home or office. With so many style options, you’ll get to personalize your home even more with a vinyl deck.


Durability of Vinyl Decks in Red Deer

How are vinyl decks so much more durable than other materials? The primary substrate of a vinyl deck is a solid wood foundation. Wood panels are protected by a strong vinyl membrane that provides vinyl decks with their durability and weather resistance. The vinyl membrane eliminates the issue of wood rot that other deck materials often have. Completely sealed by the membrane, vinyl decks are water-tight and provide roofing-grade protection for the foundation underneath. Water is not absorbed by the deck, which can cause sagging over time; instead it is drained with a natural slope to protect the deck from water damage.


High Quality DECTEC® Products

DecTec is a high quality vinyl deck membrane brand designed to accept foot traffic. DecTec meets North American building code standards for PVC single-ply membrane. This professional-grade membrane is complete with pre-formed flashings and system components.

  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on 60 mil membrane, and 20-year manufacturer’s warranty on 80 mil membrane.
  • Limited lifetime workmanship warranty from weatherproofing.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, other than periodic washing and removal of leaves and debris as necessary.


We also supply and install DECTEC® products which come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our goal at RT Weatherproofing & Decking Inc. is to provide homeowners and business owners with a product they can be proud of for years to come. Our balconies and decks in Red Deer are always expertly installed, and our team is always professional and courteous. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to learn more about our decking options, please contact us.


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